I’m Ieva.

I’m your friendly publicist, web developer, and digital strategist.

I teach creative people how to be seen and get heard online.

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When I was four years old, my parents got me a tape recorder.

I spent months recording talk shows with my brother. Imagine a tiny, blonde Conan, with an audience of Legos and teddy bears.

I grew a few feet, traded Colorado for New York City, and started college (in the process dying my hair a dozen colors).

I worked all of the jobs to stay afloat — teaching blind people how to use iPhones, slinging popsicles, and selling sea salt, to name a few. Along the way I noticed a nagging sensation.

You know that feeling when someone you admire gets featured on a blog? I loved seeing my favorite bands get amazing blog write-ups, and I was totally jealous. How did they get on Rolling Stone like that?

These guys were gaining followers, making better money, and getting incredible opportunities because of blogs.


So I made it my mission to get my friends’ bands featured on popular music sites. I even started getting press for some of my own work.

It dawned on me that I could reach any audience I wanted to. So I studied marketing and PR like a fiend. I even finished that Storytelling degree at NYU!

These days I help creative people and brands get visible online through website building, copywriting, and publicity. Click here for my full range of services.

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